Friday Newswash

2 March 2012 Last updated at 12:32

David Cameron: I did ride Rebekah Brooks horse

David Cameron has confirmed he did ride Sun editor Rebekah

He apologised for allowing a "confusing picture" over the issue to emerge after days of speculation.

Mr Cameron joked that he did not think he would be "getting back into the saddle any time soon."



Two bagger.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu foams from mouth, Obama skins up.

WASHINGTON/JERUSALEM - Just days before what could be the most consequential meeting of U.S. and Israeli leaders in years, aides to President Barack Obama are scrambling to get in the Rizzlas.

Instead, amid growing signs that U.S. led international trolling of  Iranian parenting websites are starting to take a toll on Iran, he will seek to persuade Netanyahu to hold off on any military strike to give those measures and diplomacy time to work, U.S. officials say, and also time for the Valium to kick in..

NotinYahoo Foams from mouth.

Vogue Magazine's recent photo shoot with Asma al-Assad, the wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad causes concern with real shooting.

Asma al-Assad: Let them eat cake..but not too much..its fattening

Meanwhile, Vogue tells us Asma recently visited Paris "to discuss her alliance" with that massive three story sex shop in Pigalle beside the Rugby shop.



Every things just fine.

News readers head morphs into Stratfor the lonely intelligence elephant after passing wind live on air.

Story..what story..oh its that WikiLeaks thing..nope not sure I know much about it. Oh look hes in a newsroom one seems to see him..oh well..