logohouseof commons
In 2006 I was kindly given access to Prime Minister's Question time debate by my local M.P. Stephen Wililams. This is some of the drawing produced from that day.
bigben crumwell policeman

The above drawings are A3 in charcoal and ink. They where exhibited as part of the Birds Of War exhibition on the

17th April 2007 at the Candid Arts Trust in London. See

The middle drawing of Cromwell caged in scaffolding was bought by none other than Steve Bell, cartoonist of the Guardian newspaper.

chamber prescote speeks

The above drawing is A3 ink drawing showing Prescott and William Hague in a rather

entertaining excange. What was interesting about this debate was the lack of Blair, and

the abundance of cash for questions, questions. The space on the bench behind Prescott

where Blair should of been, was like the space left by a knocked-out tooth in a smile of a pretty girl.

Blair was visiting a country that was far far away. Cash for questions still strikes me as a odd thing to

pull him on, seeing as it's a bit of an old Westminster tradition that a lot of different governments

have done over the years. What should have had him pulled by the police ages ago, was a certain dossier

that was a bit sexy, and what what on earth was G. Bush Blackmailing 'Yo!' Blair with?


I found Prescott to be good value for money and very much reminded me of a boxer in the way

he positioned his body during the debate. W Hague accused Brown of 'smoldering', and as much

as I hate to say it, he smoldered.

When he entered the chamber, all and sundry gave a little gorilla guttural grunt, in a weird old primate

reaction to an alpha male. I felt that a tyre from a rope would not look out of place beside the dispatch box.

Below is some excerpts from my sketch books.

Nicholas Somme's figures largely in them, he's just a hoot to draw.

Never did one human being look so like Jabba the Hutt from star wars.

The Tory's also had by far the most impressive bellies of all the parties.


I am hoping to gain access once again to the house of commons to complete this project.

One day is just not enough for this astounding, and slightly dusty cathedral of debate.

Post script: I did return and had a bit of a intresting time.